Hunger to Seek the Face of God.


Glory Faith Family Church


Glory Faith Family Church believes that there should be more to church than just a club that we go to every week. Church should be filled with the power, presence and the love of God; a place where people can not only experience God, but also grow in intimacy with Him and the knowledge and fear of the Lord.

A place where God is Glorified foremost, where the focus is on Him only and not on building mans kingdom.


A place where worship is free and spontaneous.

 The Word is preached with power and authority under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Where the Holy Spirit's gifts operate without resistance.

A place where healings, signs and wonders flow, the demonic removed, yokes destroyed, bondages loosed and joy released.


Jesus said in John 14:12 that "those who believe on me, the works that I do SHALL he do also. and GREATER works than these SHALL he do; because I go to my Father"


It's time for the church of God to re-form into His likeness and in His image, come and join with us in manifesting Jesus to the World...



Snr Pastors



John & Vannessa have had over 25 years experience in church leadership, but it wasn't until late 2015 when God called them to pioneer a work with Him in Brisbane.


They have a vision of a church where the Holy Spirit of God is free to move and manifest Himself in whatever way He chooses. Where divine strategies are given to root out demonic strongholds in a region. A place where healing and deliverance flows, God's love reigns supreme and His peace and Joy abound. Where the Word is preached with faith, and that people experience the manifest presence of God. A place where people are built up and released into their callings. An Apostolic Sending centre established to strengthen the body of Christ in this nation.


Above all, God wants all His children to grow up in Him, and come to a place of deep intimacy and trust in Him. Faith is the key to walking and living a Spirit Led life, and understanding who you are in Jesus Christ and the authority we have IN HIM, this is what John & Vannessa live and teach as the way to living a life of victory. The bible says that the Just shall live by Faith, yet so many people don't know what that means. It is John & Vannessa'a heart to not only show people this truth through the Word but also through practical experience.


Along with their three sons, they want to welcome you to join them each Sunday as they seek God, Worship Him and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to minster life to all who are passionate for Him.


"Church meetings should be filled with God's Glory, His healing power and His Spirit's moving. The Word should be alive and filled with God's power, with signs and wonders following. This generation needs to see Jesus when they look at us, let's be that light in this present darkness." - Ps John



B & W Snr Pastors
Pursue-Overtake-Recover All
Praise Him in The Storm
The Light
Seek Love Expect Live
Judged Righteous
Enter Rest
New Creation
Adventure in the Spirit
Sons of God made Manifest- Glory Faith
Healing power
arise and shine
1 Corinthians 13
Glory Faith Family Chruch
Faith Works



Jesus said that we are the light of the world. 

How can those who sit in darkness see the light if we do not show it.

We were never meant to sit in our churches and warm a seat.

We are on the edge of the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen.

It is time to be that light. It's time to be Jesus in our generation.

It is time to stretch forth our hands to heal, to cast out demons, to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to this dark and dying world. 



It's time to



Isaiah 60:1

& Isaiah 61:1

"God has chosen the coast of Australia to host one of the greatest moves of God the world has ever seen. Breakthrough is at hand this year. You’re about to breakthrough every glass ceiling and breakthrough every place of impossibility. God is clearing the air and there’s going to be a great interlocking of hands and people are going to be working together and there will be a great response of the Church. Brisbane is going to be known as a Habitation City. The eyes of the Lord go to and fro looking for those whose hearts are loyal to Him and the Lord says ‘I’ve been looking for you, my eyes are fixed on you and I want to show my strong right hand like never before. It’s the season to step into it"

- David Wagner, February 2016 (Iris Global Conference Sydney)



“The first time my husband and I came to Glory Faith Family Church, we received prayer for healing. The Holy Spirit spoke a word of prophesy through pastors John and Vannessa and then told Ps John to pray for my feet. They didn't look like anything was wrong, but He prayed for them anyway. The Holy Spirit knew that I had been in agony for years with pain in my feet and ankles Praise God I was healed on that day and have had no pain since, Thank you Jesus..."

—  Lynne 





1050 Manly Rd, Tingalpa Qld 4173

Parking off Palgrave St, Tinglpa.



Ps John - 0415 867 699

Ps Vannessa - 0413 496 355





Tuesday "Transformation" Night: 7:30 pm (Church Café Area)

Thursday Night - Prayer : 7:30pm (Main Sanctuary)

Friday "Women of Glory" : 10am (Church Café Area)
​Sunday: 9:30 am (Main Sanctuary)

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